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Nabiha has been a mental health practitioner for over ten years, and has experience working

with various groups. Her passion first took her to working exclusively with children and youth in schools, and her

Master of Social Work degree has expanded her scope to also working with young adults and parents.

Nabiha works from a trauma-informed lens, and supports clients from a strengths-based perspective. Nabiha joins 

clients on their unique journey while building trusting relationships, empowering her clients, and

respecting their individual experiences.

Contact Ready for Success today to Book your COMPLIMENTARY Consultation!

Navigating life with the various challenges life throws at us can be challenging to manage. Family events and stresses, school struggles, various world incidents, and even COVID-19 can and have taken a toll on all of us. 

Now, more than even, our mental health needs to be prioritized. Reach out today to set up a free phone consultation to talk about how Nabiha can help.

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